Meet our Pastor & His Family

Eric, Vishunue, Ej, Mykhaela, Lauren, & Josiah Hite

My life is a testimony of the grace and mercy of the Lord.  My wife, Vishunue, is an answer to prayer that I began in the 5th Grade that was answered by the Lord in 1992.  My 4 children are an answer to prayer that also began in the 5th grade for a family one day with 4 children; 2 boys and 2 girls.  I prayed for the boys to be born first and last and the two girls to be the middle children and for the children to be born 2 years apart.  God answered ALL those prayers.

I wanted to know what would happen to me after I died and God answered that prayer as well.I was saved on March 13, 1997 as a result of a knock on the “wrong” door.  After being led to Christ that night by Pastor David Biter of Calvary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. We immediately started attending Calvary, got baptized and eventually became very active in the church. Meanwhile, because we became faithful to follow the Word of God, the Lord healed our marriage our hearts and home.

The Lord called me to the Pastorate in 2003 and in July of 2004 my family and I left Memphis, TN to go to California to attend Bible College at Golden State Baptist College, a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church.  I graduated with a Degree in Pastoral Theology in 2008 and the Lord placed the Macedonian call on my heart to go back to Mississippi to start a work.

From 2008 – 2009, the Lord opened up doors of preaching opportunity all around America as we traveled on deputation telling churches, Christians and anyone who would listen about salvation through the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour and what God had done in our lives and what I knew he wanted us to go and do in MS.

In October of 2009, we started Calvary First,  Baptist Church in Jackson, MS and from 2009 – 2017 we saw hundreds get saved and many baptized as we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ in the community before God closed the doors of that ministry, and opened this one.

In the summer of 2017 I was asked to candidate for the pastorate of New Life Baptist Church in Madison and God placed us in this wonderful church that we now call home.  God allows me to Pastor an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible Believing Baptist Church that is a true picture of Heaven with all races, and colors of people coming together to worship.  It is a joy to be in the ministry and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with folks from every walk of life.

If I can be a help to you in any way please feel free to give me a call.  The same Jesus that saved me, will save you.  The same Gospel that changed my life, home, heart and family will do the same for you.  I would be honored to share Him with you.

Your Friend,

Pastor Eric Hite, Philippians 4:9